Poverty in Israel

The people of the Holy Land are suffering!


The Elderly

Thousands of senior citizens in Israel are now homebound due to the Corona epidemic and need outside support


Thousands of Israelis are suffering due to lack of proper housing


Too many kids from impoverished neighborhoods are going to sleep hungry because their parents can not afford enough food

Immigrants’ Homes

Israel has no quota on Jewish immigrants, allowing all exiles to return to our homeland; many have trouble leaving poorer towns for better prospects

Holocaust Survivors

Many of our country’s seniors are survivors of the Holocaust and, given all that they have been through, need extra emotional support


Hundreds of young students from low-income homes are too distracted by their families’ woes to succeed in school and find it difficult to afford college education


Understanding Poverty in Israel by the Numbers:

The Situation
More than 1.8 million Israelis live in poverty and the Covid-19 epidemic is swelling those numbers
At Home
A recent study found that 469,400 families have fallen on hard times
At-Risk Youth
With over 900,000 children from lower class homes, Israel’s future generation of leaders is in turmoil
Needy Elderly
Over 19% of Israel’s old-aged population is living in poverty

Hear From Poverty Stricken Israelis

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“It is so hard to put food on the table for my kids… I wish I could give them a better life.”

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“My wife and I are trying to make the best of our situation but I am afraid that our son does not eat enough.”

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“I have lived on the street for years. I pray each day that I will soon merit a roof over my head.”

We need your help to lift our beloved brothers and sisters out of poverty! 

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